The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys

The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys is definitely one of my favorite books. Ruta Sepetys is actually my favorite author, and I have thoroughly enjoyed each of her historical fiction books. Historical fiction is by far my favorite genre to read because at the same time that I am escaping into someone else’s story, I’m gaining knowledge on how life was in the specific period of time the book is set in.

The Fountains of Silence takes place during the time period after the Spanish Civil War when Spain was just opening back up to foreigners under the dictatorship of Fransisco Franco in the 1950s. It follows Daniel Matheson, an American aspiring photographer and son of an oil businessman, and Ana, a Spanish maid at the Castellana Hilton, where Daniel and his family are staying. Trying to take good photographs to get a scholarship for a photography school his father doesn’t want him to attend, Daniel begins to uncover various secrets Spain is hiding, putting himself and others in danger. Ana is assigned to Daniel’s family and she has her own secrets she is dealing with. This book follows the two as they become friends and fall in love as more and more secrets are spilled and uncovered, threatening their budding relationship and their lives.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it covered a time period and events I had no prior knowledge about that were fascinating to learn about. The main characters, Daniel and Ana, are well-written and the twists and turns of their story is engaging. The writing does a great job of transporting me into the characters’ shoes, feeling their feelings and revealing their secrets, all while building the overarching understanding of how it was to live under Franco’s rule.

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